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Hi! My name is Natalie, and I am the baker behind Meadow Bakery. Thank you so much for being here!

I am a self-taught baker, gardener and mother, so I am always growing. Motherhood and baking are constantly teaching me patience, understanding, and the need to be gentle with all things. What helps me most along this journey is my deeply rooted connection to the Earth.

I feel this translates through all my actions (particularly baking), as I let Mother Nature guide me. I bake exclusively with Her elements and follow the patterns of Her seasons to ensure that each cake is a reflection of Her ever changing beauty. I use what the Earth provides: natural, organic, and seasonal ingredients with no need for artificial sweeteners, coloring, or corn syrup. Flowers, herbs, and vegetables are the real stars of the show.

I believe that baking is about combining magical, earthly ingredients into a potion, then adding heat, time, and love to create the most divine treats imaginable. Each cake I create is guided by the flowers, they do the work- I am just the vessel! Because of this, each and every cake is truly unique.

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we take our ingredients
very seriously.

Let us explain garden to table real quick…


Where do we source our ingredients?

Our ingredients at Meadow Bakery are organic and local whenever possible. We do our best to source most ingredients from local farmers markets. 

Where do we grow our flowers?

Why are our cakes special?

We grow many of the flowers in our own organic garden. We also buy from local flower farms! Some that we love are: Sweet Mountaintop, Night Heron Farm, and Mcgrath Family Farm. Thank you for providing us with all your beautiful flowers!

Just like every garden is unique- so are our cakes! No two cakes are exactly the same.