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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the flowers safe to eat?

Where are you located?

Can I request piping (ie someone’s name, ‘happy birthday', etc)?

What is the difference between Swiss buttercream and traditional buttercream?

Where can I buy your cakes in person?

Can I order larger cakes/ dessert tables for events (ie weddings, large parties etc) ?

How do I store my cake?

Not at this time. The focus is to allow nature to be the star here. Cake toppers with special messages can be requested.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream is primarily composed of whipped egg whites, making it a lighter, silkier and less sweet frosting. Traditional, or American buttercream is made with butter and powdered sugar, creating a thicker and sweeter frosting.

We are located in Ventura, CA!

All flowers are organic and edible, however they serve more for decorative purposes and we do not recommend eating them. 

If you have questions- please let us know!

We attend the Ojai Community Farmers Market every Thursday. Please check our instagram for pop-ups!

Yes! Please fill out the contact form and we will email you to figure out the details :)

Keep your cake refrigerated until about one hour before serving. Our cake is best eaten at room temperature!

Can I order off-menu?

Yes! We love custom cakes, just fill out the contact form and let us know your ideas and we would love to make it happen!