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Our seasonal Summer Menu

Organic chamomile flowers infused into our favorite olive oil cake, a layer of fresh strawberries and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream!

Fresh, local strawberries blended into a sweet fluffy cake, coated with strawberry buttercream. A summer favorite!

Strawberry Cake

Lemon Blueberry Cake

Lemon cake with a layer of organic blueberries, vanilla swiss buttercream and home made lemon honey curd on top. 

Our Signature Yearly Menu

Chocolate Cake



Almond Cake

For all the chocolate lovers!
This cake is sweet and decadent with high quality, organic cocoa, and smothered in chocolate

Light and fluffy almond infused cake with a layer of sliced almonds to add a little crunch! Topped with more sliced almonds and vanilla

Honestly, this cake is just a classic. Enough said!

Organic lemons and olive oil  work together to create a bright classic, covered with sweet vanilla buttercream

Want a custom Cake? 

Vanilla Cake

Seasonal cake recipes have been crafted with love & modifications are respectfully declined

Signature cakes are fully customizable!

Chamomile Olive Oil Cake

All cakes                            as gluten free and vegan. Please note that while the cakes                         animal

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All cakes                        as gluten-free
and vegan. please note that while the cakes                         animal products, the kitchen                


seasonal Cakes
6 inch: $85
8 inch: $105
cupcakes: 60$/dozen

Signature Cakes
6 inch: begins at $75
8 inch: begins at $95
cupcakes: 50$/dozen

All cakes are 2 layers unless otherwise requested!


(serves about 10-12 people)

(serves about 12-15 people)

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