First of all, congratulations! Weddings are so deeply special and personal to me, and I am honored that you are considering Meadow Bakery for the desserts on your big day. It's your day to be as personal and unique to celebrate your love, which truly melts my heart every time. And cake! Cake feels like this tangible piece of love and celebration that you get to share with all your guests. What could be better! At Meadow Bakery, we love and cherish all types of love. 

A note regarding 2024 weddings: I will be on maternity leave for all of April and May! The first dates I am booking will begin in June. I do everything here myself, and I am planning to soak up the first few weeks of newborn baby squishiness before returning to the cake world :)

How It Works:

Wedding cakes are entirely custom! Flavors, sizing, decorations etc are all tailored to your vision. The menu on my website typically serves as a starting point, but when you fill out the inquiry form, I will send over popular flavor choices for your season. Flowers are custom as well, so long as they are available and non toxic. Tastings are also available! For tastings, I will make mini 4" cakes and deliver to you to try at home with friends and family, as long as you are local. This way you can enjoy them at your own pace and take your time making a decision. 

Other Dessert Options

I also offer cupcakes, mini cupcakes, and cookies! Cupcakes are available in any cake flavors, and cookies are available as sugar cookies or shortbread. Sugar cookies are a soft, buttery cookie with vanilla buttercream, and shortbread cookies can be: lemon, pistachio, vanilla, or chocolate chip. 


Mini Cupcakes:
Sugar Cookies:
Shortbread Cookies:

$6-$9 per serving

$50-$60 per dozen

$30-$35 per dozen

$28 per dozen

$25 per dozen

$30-$60 depending on how many flavors chosen


How far in advance Do I need to order?

As soon as you feel ready! Summers book quickly so I recommend inquiring asap to secure your date. Just a note that I do not book over 12 months in advance. 

Do You Deliver and are there delivery fees?

Yes, and yes. Delivery is highly recommended, as wedding days are very busy and it is one less thing to worry about. Delivery is mandatory for any cake over 2 tiers, as they are quite tricky to travel with. Delivery fees will range based on distance from Eugene, Oregon. 

Do you Offer Vegan or Gluten Free cakes?

Yes! Any flavors from our signature menu can be made vegan and/or gluten free. Just note that our kitchen is not a dedicated vegan or gluten free space in case of severe allergy!

photo by Heather Shane

photo by Victoria Snider

photo by Megan Claire

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photo by Leigh Stenson

photo by Kayla Esparza

photo by Meadow Bakery