Beltane Flower Crown

Beltane, also known as May Day, occurs on May 1st, and marks the transition from spring to summer, as it is halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. It is a fertility festival that celebrates the liveliness and abundance of the land during spring. 

It marks the union of god and goddess, masculine and feminine to celebrate creation, vitality and sensuality under the ever growing fire of the sun.

Some ways to celebrate are: flower crafts, picnics, dancing around or creating your own may pole, making fresh spring meals, bringing flowers into the home, making floral or herbal teas, or simply just enjoying the liveliness of springtime!

Beltane is also a lively time for fairies to come around, so it is a great time to leave milk & honey offerings, or begin working with fairy magic!

Correspondences of Beltane

food : honey, nuts & seeds, milk, breads, berries, leafy greens, mead
colors: white, green, pink, red
herbs & flowers :lavender, thyme, borage, rose, yarrow, mint
animals : rabbits, bees, frogs, swans

Daisy chain Flower Crown

What you'll need:
chamomile bouquet

1. To begin, cut stems from the bouquet that are a few inches long, with multiple flowers at the top. While holding just the flowers in your non dominant hand of one stem, weave a second stem through the spaces between the first stem's flowers.

2. Tie a knot around this first weave, and begin wrapping the string around the bottom of the stems. Weave a third stem into the open spaces and continue to wrap the string around the combined stems.

3. Continue to add stems while wrapping the string tightly around until your crown is at the desired length to fit on your head. Once its long enough, weave your final stem back into the first and wrap the string around. Tie the end of the string to the first knot you made.

4. At this point, you have your crown! Feel free to weave in extra stems and flowers into the crown to give it a fuller appearance. 
Wear it anywhere you want to feel like the perfect May Queen :) Just remember that it's quite delicate, so be careful with handling!