Spring Flower Guide Part Two

We are slowly approaching summer, and the Earth is so vibrant! There are so many flowers I wish to share- and many more to come as we continue to turn the wheel of the year. Listed below are some staples that I find myself buying week after week, and I encourage you to do the same!

These flowers give your home and space a breath of fresh air. Many of them are fragrant, and feel like a celebration. I love spring!

Magical & Practical uses for Flowers

Use these flowers to adorn your home, make a flower crown, dry and save for wreaths, dried bouquets, or potpourri. Use these flowers in magical spells or plant in your garden. Use edible flowers for food decorations, like on cake or breads, or steep into an herbal tea!

The Flowers!


Hoary Stock


I imagine this flower is the greatest fairy home. They are edible and taste peppery, and a great addition to foods for a little added flower magic! They help to boost the immune system and help to heal wounds.

China Aster




Matthiola incana

Antirrhinum majus

These edible flowers are members of the cabbage family! Stock flowers offer confidence and a calm, grounded energy. 

Named after their petals, which look like a dragon's mouth, snapdragons are edible flowers that guard against evils. They call in spirits, and can be used to reverse a hex. They also bring a clear direction to intentions.

Callistephus chinensis

Eschscholzia californica


Asters are edible flowers ruled by Venus and are best known for their abilities to attract love! Use them in love spells, or love sachets. Grow them in your garden to bring love to your home and maintain healthy emotions.

California poppies, our state flower, are used for fertility, love, and sleep magic. Note that it is illegal to forage wild poppies, so be sure to only use garden grown. 

Geraniums invite happiness and prosperity into our lives and can easily detect negative energies. Geranium wishes for all to be happy and keep their eye on evil. It's great to use as a companion with protective herbs. Plus, it smells heavenly in your home!


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