Spring Flower Guide Part One

Winter has come to a halt and the Earth is singing in color again! However, here in California we are experiencing so much more rain than we are used to. Personally, I love it, and spring's biggest blooms have yet to come. The wildflowers here in California have been unbelievable, and such a magical sight to see our surroundings painted in color. Below is a list of some of my personal favorites! Most are edible, but please read the descriptions carefully as a few of them are toxic. 

The flowers below were all found at local farmers markets in Southern California. It is so important to buy or grow flowers organically, for both our health and the Earth's! 

Magical & Practical uses for Flowers

Use these flowers to adorn your home, make a flower crown, dry and save for wreaths, dried bouquets, or potpourri. Use these flowers in magical spells or plant in your garden. Use edible flowers for food decorations, like on cake or breads, or steep into an herbal tea!

The Flowers!




Calendula is associated with the sun and represents light and brightness. They are magnificent for skin healing, and are often found in skin care products. 




Calendula officinalis 

Lavandula angustifolia

Matricaria chamomilla

Lavender helps to relieve stress, both mentally and physically. It calms anxiety, and encourages deeper intuition and communication. Lavender is a mood elevator and smells delightful. 

Chamomile soothes the skin, and acts as a calming agent. It promotes sleep, abundance, love and healing. It nurtures matters of the heart and sends healing love within. It also stengthens the solar plexus.

Viola cornuta

Ranunculus asiaticus

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Violas are potent love flowers. A flower of Venus, they cultivate and awaken love, fuel the spirit and devotion. They calm tempers and open the heart.

Ranunculus flowers are loved by faeries, and will bring the fae to your gardens. They promote abundance and prosperity, and are useful tools of manifestation. Please note that all buttercups are toxic and should never be consumed or served alongside foods. 

Daffodils are often the first signs that Spring is arriving! It encourages liveliness and youthfulness. It brightens spirits and helps us to connect with our inner child. Daffodils contain a toxic chemical called lycorine, and should never be consumed or served alongside foods.


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