Winter Citrus Guide

Winter citrus is upon us! You may have noticed an abundance of citrus fruits at your local grocery stores and farmer's markets, and for good reason. Winter is the time to shine for citrus, and there are so many fun varieties! 

Some ways I love incorporating winter citrus are:
- just eating it straight! So delicious!
-adding to breakfast meals for a boost of vitamin C to start the day
-squeezing into juice
-making citrus curd (recipe coming soon!)
-stashing in my purse for on the go snacks
-adding to desserts (hello upside down cake!!)
- dehydrating and decorating our home 
-candy them and decorate cakes, cookies, etc
- in home made cocktails
-goes great on salmon, in apple cider or in salad

Magical and Healing properties of Oranges

Oranges are full of folate and vitamin C, which helps the body to absorb and digest iron.
Oranges are used for abundance, prosperity and love. They represent the sun, and bring joy and ease. You can ask a yes or no question, and if there are an even number of seeds, the answer is no, if they are odd, the answer is yes!

The Fruits!

Cara Cara

Blood Orange


Satsuma Mandarins



Buddha's Hand

These are my all time favorite! They have a pink flesh and are a bit sweeter than navel oranges, making the perfect treat. I still remember vividly the first time I had a cara cara!

Definitely the most beautiful fruit. The flesh ranges from pinks and golds and honestly looks like a majestic sunset. They are a little more tart so I prefer to make juice with them, or mix with other citrus!

These little baby citruses are a great little snack. They are easy to peel, sweet and juicy! I'm definitely partial to Clementines (my baby's name!)
Pixies are special to the Ojai Valley and grow a little closer to Spring,  but a must try if you are in the area.

Kumquats are sour, tart tiny citrus fruits, and the skin is edible! They aren't my personal favorite, but my partner eats them like candy. He says they are like warheads!

Almost a grapefruit, but not quite! These huge fruits are slightly sweeter and less acidic than their grapefruit counterpart.

A feat of nature, if you've seen these, you've likely done a double take. They look like yellow fingers, and have no juice or pulp. They are typically used for their flavorful zest. 

Very juicy, easy to peel, and has little to no seeds. Its a cross between navel oranges and mandarins, and also known as Dekopon. They are delicious!

Ruby Red Grapefruit

A large sweet grapefruit, yet still has the signature sourness of a grapefruit. 

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Sumo Citrus

Satsuma Mandarins

Cara Cara & Blood Orange

Ruby Red Grapefruit